To go tankless or not: that is the question. Are tankless water heaters merely a fad, or are they truly a better alternative for your property? If the initial upfront cost makes you take a step back, take a deep breath. Depending on how much water you use and how large your property is, there may be many benefits from a tankless water heater installation in your home or rental property.

Energy Efficient

True or false: Tankless units use less energy than traditional water heaters. Yes, that’s true! According to the U.S. Department of Energy, tankless water heaters can be between 8% and 50% more energy-efficient than tank-style water heaters. However, savings will depend on how much water you use. That’s because the water is only heated when an appliance is turned on or a hot water tap is opened.

Lower Utility Bills

Less energy use leads to lower energy costs. Unlike a traditional water heater, tankless units only heat up water when you need it. For example, they don’t need to fill and hold a massive tank of water, reheating it over and over again, therefore suffering standby heat loss like traditional models.

Also, traditional water heaters’ tanks can corrode over time — which leads to leaking. Fortunately, there’s little chance major leaking could happen with the design of a tankless unit.

Longer Lifespan

Traditional water heaters last 12 years on average before needing replacement. While tankless water heaters cost more upfront than the traditional style, a tankless model can:

  • last over 20 years with proper maintenance
  • have parts that can be easily replaced to extend the unit’s life
  • don’t come with the risks of major leaking (or even explosions) like traditional units

Unlimited Hot Water

The huge advantage of a tankless water heater is that the sky really is the limit! The system is connected directly to your home’s plumbing, so hot water will always run freely as soon as you turn on an appliance or twist the handle on a hot water tap. (Another benefit is that the tankless unit is installed on the wall, saving you floor space, too.)

Yes, purchase and installation costs may be higher for a tankless model. However, depending on the amount of water used at your property, you could see energy savings and, therefore, lower utility costs. Let’s discuss tankless water heater installation options for your property. Give us a call today!

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