Fall is setting in, so it’s time to perform some seasonal plumbing maintenance. Your home can stand up to the weather ahead, but it needs some help to prevent plumbing problems during the cold weather of winter in Canada. If you want to avoid emergency calls to a Calgary plumber, follow these simple tips. 

Remove, Drain, and Store Garden Hoses 

Garden hoses are typically made from rubber, and if they are allowed to freeze and thaw, they will break down. The process of freezing and thawing will cause your garden hose to crack. These tools should be removed from the spigot, drained of any water left in them, and stored somewhere that will not go below freezing. 

Turn Off Hose Bibb 

Check all outdoor faucets for leaks. If outdoor faucets leak, water can begin to freeze in them and block the pipe. When this water freezes, it turns to ice, which can cause the pipe to burst. Make sure any hose bibbs on your home are completely turned off. You should also turn off the inside water supply to these bibbs and turn them on again to ensure there is no water left inside the pipe. Once all water stops draining, turn the faucet off, and cover it with a foam faucet cover. 

Check Your Sewer System 

Running a snake through your sewer line is a good preventive measure to take before the Canadian cold sets in. Contact a Calgary plumber to perform this service. Often in the summer months, plant roots grow and can make their way into your plumbing lines. When the weather begins to cool, the plants no longer grow, so it’s the perfect time to get rid of them. 

Complete Water Heater Maintenance 

Canadian fall weather can surprisingly become cold fast. One of the worst things to happen is to wake up without hot water for your shower. Annual maintenance of your water heater is essential to extend its life, and Fall is the perfect time to have this service. A Calgary plumber can flush your water heater tank and remove any debris that has settled in the bottom of this unit. 

When the Plumber in Calgary finishes with the flush of the water heater, they will make sure the thermostat is working properly. A good temperature for a water heater is 49 degrees Celcius. 

Prepare Your Plumbing and Stay Ahead of the Cold 

When you follow the above tips, you will be prepared and prevent major accidents from happening this winter. While you prepare for the cold this Fall and begin plumbing maintenance, call a Calgary plumber if you run into issues. 

Where to Find Excellent Plumbing Services in Calgary 

Call Crowfoot Home Services for any plumbing issues you encounter. We will provide you quality, budget-friendly home services from plumbing problems to furnace installation and can even install a new garage door. Call today and schedule an appointment if you need any home services. 

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