What is a sump pump and why you need one

Understanding what a sump pump does is the first step to understanding why it is an essential device to have in your home. Sump pumps are submersible devices positioned within a sump pit dug into the lowest location in your home. This is usually the basement or crawl space. Sump pumps are tiny and generate between 1/3 and 1/2 horsepower. When water begins to flood your basement or crawl space, the sump pump kicks on and pumps the water out.  

How a Sump Pump Works 

Most of the time, sump pumps are on standby mode. However, as the soil around the home becomes oversaturated through rain or flooding, groundwater will start to overflow into the sump pit. When this happens, the float switch activates the sump pump and turns the device on. This means it requires no manual input to operate, ensuring your home is protected if flooding happens while you are asleep or away from your home. 

The Advantages of a Sump Pump 

Sump pumps are inexpensive to purchase and install. They are durable and reliable and will provide considerable protection for your home and property. Among the many advantages sump pumps offer, the following are the most important to note: 

  • They will protect paint and wall coverings from peeling. 
  • They protect carpet, tile, and wood flooring from water damage. 
  • They protect appliances, electronics, and wiring from damage. 
  • Sump pumps will protect your home from mold, mildew, and fungal growth. 
  • Sump pumps deter termites and insects from settling into your home. 
  • They protect the soil beneath your foundation from settling and erosion. 

These benefits translate into improved air quality, greater structural stability, enhanced home value, and greater comfort year after year. When you want to enjoy peace of mind no matter how much it rains outside, a sump pump is a solid investment that will provide durable, long-lasting protection you can depend on. 

Trust Crowfoot Home Services with Your Safety 

Our teams of certified plumbers do more than just offer drain cleaning in Calgary! We are experts at installing, maintaining, repairing, and replacing sump pumps. We will make sure that your pump is prepared to provide the protection you require. We encourage you to contact Crowfoot Home Services at (403) 288-1081 to speak with our team about the sump pumps we recommend for homeowners in Calgary!