No matter how hard you’ve tried to keep hair, grease, and food scraps out of the drain, over time, it can all build up. Perhaps you’ve noticed slow drainage in your sinks and/or mild odors creeping into your home. Did you know that eliminating unpleasant odors and reducing the risks of annoying drain clogs can also improve your family’s health — and actually save you money in the future? It may be time for Calgary drain cleaning from us, the professionals.

Here are four benefits of professional drain cleaning:

Eliminates Nasty Odors

Are you noticing mild odors? You may need to give us a call but, first, sprinkle baking soda in your sink. Heat up one part water, one part vinegar. Pour it down. This may be the remedy you need to open the drain and erase nasty smells. (However, if you’re smelling sewage, you may need to call us professionals ASAP.)

Reduces Chances of a Clog Occurring

The best way to protect your plumbing is to prevent issues in the first place.
Scrape your dishes into the sink or wipe with a paper towel to prevent food from getting into the drain. Teach your children not to put toys or other items down toilets. You can purchase mushroom-shaped devices for bathroom sinks or tubs and showers to trap hair.

Improve Your Family’s Health

Minor clogs in the pipes mean grime is hanging out, getting eaten by bacteria. Any leaks or overflows from clogged toilets and sinks can introduce mold to your home. This can lead to illnesses and even harm the structural integrity of your home. You won’t be pouring harmful chemicals from the store down your pipes (which can even corrode them) in a last-ditch effort to unclog pipes. Regular professional drain cleanings mean you won’t have an expensive and nasty sewage backup.

Saves You Money Over Time

Hair, soap scum, and mushy bits of food can clog drains. That can lead to costly repairs if your toilets or sinks overflow. Plugged drains can lead to water damage on your floors, walls, and ceilings (if your residence is more than one level). That means you may have a major mess –and an insurance deductible to cough up.

Did you know that we offer professional Calgary drain cleaning? Let’s get into a routine of regular drain cleanings for your home. Give Crowfoot Home Services a call today!

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