A malfunctioning toilet is a major inconvenience for you and your family. Sometimes, installing a new toilet is absolutely necessary. When you need toilet replacement Calgary, contact us.

Let’s discuss three reasons you may need to replace your toilet:

1. Tank Has a Crack

Toilets are made of delicate porcelain. An old toilet’s tank may crack due to aging. You may have cracked it unintentionally during a prior minor repair. Temperature changes cause cracked tanks.

It’s impossible to fix even the tiniest cracks well enough that they won’t grow and leak over time. Honestly, it’s time for a replacement. Turn off the tank’s water supply, and let us know about the crack.

2. Toilet Keeps Leaking

A leaky toilet is an expensive problem since it increases your water usage and makes your plumbing system work harder. A leaky toilet may be something you feel like you can troubleshoot. Certainly, that may be possible if:

  • The flapper is sealing imperfectly. (It may be warped or cracked and need replacement. A toilet repair kit is available at hardware stores.)
  • The flushing handle is no longer connected by the chain to the flapper in the toilet tank. (If it’s difficult to push down the flushing handle, check the tank.)
  • The tank float merely needs adjustment.

The toilet tank mechanisms and bolts may also be rusty and extremely difficult to remove after being submersed in water for years. Also, a larger problem may be at play if you’re noticing puddles of water on the floor. A new toilet install may still be the best fix.

3. Frequent Clogs

Frequent clogs are inconvenient, and they can cause damage to floors, subfloors, and other areas of your home if overflowing toilets are on top floors.

Clogs can stem from a variety of issues:

  • Is someone in your home flushing non-flushable hygiene products? (Even though the packaging may say they’re “flushable”, it’s safest to deposit them in the trash.)
  • If you have a septic system, is your toilet paper actually “septic safe”? Check the packaging.
  • Do you have a low-flow style toilet that’s incapable of creating powerful flushes?

Sadly, your sewer or septic may actually be failing or your pipes haven’t been cleaned annually to prevent daily buildup (resulting in clogs).

Toilet replacement Calgary doesn’t need to be messy. Whether you’re noticing cracks, annoying leaks, or clogging, call Crowfoot Home Services about a new toilet install today.

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