It’s vital to know when your water heater needs repairs or servicing. After all, it performs a crucial function in your house: providing hot water. If you need water heater repair in Calgary, then Crowfoot Home Services can help.

Discoloured Water

If your taps are producing rust-coloured water, then that’s an indication of sediment build-up in your water heater’s tank. Often, the cause is a failed anode rod, which can easily be replaced by a professional if the build-up isn’t too severe. If the build-up is nasty, then you could be looking at a complete replacement of your water heater.


There are a variety of malfunctions that can cause leaks from or around your water heater. It’s vital that you closely examine your water heater and its surrounding plumbing to try and locate the cause of the leak. Often, you can repair this yourself if it’s simply a loose plumbing connection, but you’re likely going to need to call in a plumber to solve the issue altogether.

Strange Noises

It’s a definite cause for alarm if your water heater makes odd noises. Sediment build-up is often the cause of these noises, which can be fixed by flushing the water heater if the build-up isn’t too significant. However, if you do so and the noises persist, you will need to contact a water heater repairer to fix the issue or replace your unit.

If your water heater leaks, makes strange noises, or you’ve got discoloured water, it can feel like an overwhelming emergency. Don’t worry, as these are all relatively easy fixes for a professional plumber. If you find yourself in need of water heater repair in Calgary, call Crowfoot Home Services. We have years of experience in water heater repair. Give us a call today!

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