Got questions about your electrical system? Then your local Calgary electrician has the answers! Here, we’ve brought together the answers for five of the most frequently asked electrical questions. Read on to find some answers!

Are LED bulbs better than incandescent bulbs?

LED bulbs use less energy than incandescent light bulbs, as diode light is more efficient from a power perspective than filament light is. It’s important to know that LED bulbs use more than 75% less energy than traditional, incandescent bulbs and that, at low power levels, the difference is larger.

What are low voltage fixtures?

Low voltage fixtures are typically used for many types of traditional lighting – including sconces and ceiling lights. In this context, low voltage lighting uses less than 50 volts of power, relying on transformers which are built into the fixtures themselves to reduce the voltage from your electrical system.

What’s meant by “grounding”?

If you’ve ever heard the term “grounding” used before, it has a different meaning when referring to an electrical context. Grounding means that excess electricity is offered the safest route from an appliance or fixture to the ground via an electrical panel. At its core, electrical grounding is a backup system and path that’s only used if a fault occurs in your wiring.

What does GFCI mean?

GFCI in electricity terms is an acronym that stands for ground-fault circuit interrupter. What a GFCI does is that it’s a fast-acting circuit breaker that’s designed to shut off your electricity in the event of a ground-fault. How it works is that it compares the amount of current going into and returning from appliances and fixtures along circuit conductors.

Why do my outlets have a fishy kind of smell?

If you’re noticing a fishy smell coming from your outlets, it’s a sign of a serious problem. That’s because the electrical components and wiring in your walls and outlets are coated in heat resistant plastics and chemicals for insultation purposes. When these heat up to a significant degree, then they emit a burning odour that’s reminiscent of fish. If that’s the case, you’re going to need to call in a Calgary electrician.

Hopefully, you’ve found the answers to some, if not all, of your electrical-related questions. If you have concerns about there being problems with your electrical system, then you need to give your local Calgary electrician a call today. Call Crowfoot Home Services today for all your electricity needs!

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