If you begin to see minor signs of trouble with your plumbing, you may be in for a big surprise if you don’t take care of the problems. A gradual increase in your water usage is often the first indicator that something is wrong with your plumbing. Over time, your water bill may show a sharp increase. You may also begin to smell a musty or extremely unpleasant odor. Humidity and moisture may also become a problem. This is where having a 24-hour plumbing professional close by is beneficial. 

Showers and sinks having low water pressure are not a good sign! 

Low water pressure inside your home may mean that water is leaking outside your home. This could result in damage to your foundation and lead to many more problems in the future. Broken pipes outside your home may be the result of tree roots forcing their way inside and causing them to break down. As the pipe breaks down, water is allowed to saturate the ground around it, lowering the water pressure inside your home. 

Leaky pipes can turn into burst pipes, call your plumber! 

Burst pipes are a plumbing emergency that needs to be repaired immediately. When a water pipe bursts, it will affect all of the water outlets throughout your home. The high pressure that causes the pipe to actually burst will send water throughout your home. During the time that the pipe remains damaged, the water lines to your home must be turned off until everything has been repaired. When water is allowed to permeate your home, it can lead to pockets of moisture and black mould. 

If your toilet breaks waste no time! 

Broken toilets are extremely common. A leaky flap that doesn’t seal when you flush the toilet will allow water to continue to run as water escapes through the flap. The plunger mechanism or chain may break which will also prevent the flap from sealing properly. When the internal mechanism of your toilet breaks, it needs to be fixed immediately if you plan on using your toilet at all. 

When you begin to see signs that your plumbing is not working as it should, you need to start looking for an emergency plumber near you in the Calgary area. If you find yourself with a broken toilet or leaking pipes, call the reputable staff of Crowfoot Plumbing as soon as possible. When an emergency occurs, you need to find a plumber who is able to come as soon as you call. Don’t wait to make the call. Time is money! Call Crowfoot plumbing immediately! As 24-hour plumbing professionals, we are available when you need them.