Electrical problems are annoying — and costly. Furthermore, they can be an indicator of a dangerous problem. Why are the lights flickering when a storm blows in? Why is your bill so much higher than last year at this time? Why is the microwave constantly blowing a circuit? Fortunately, we’re here for you and your family or business when you need electrical services in Calgary.

Here are three main electrical problems explained:

Flickering Lights

If flickering happens with a particular light or fixture, the light bulb may be loose/incompatible. One appliance may be overloading the circuit, so call us to add more circuits or outlets. However, if the lights seem to flicker when it’s windy, this flickering may be due to more serious problems like frayed wiring or loose connections.

Electrical Bills are Unusually High

Suddenly, your power bill states you’re using a lot more electricity. You can’t explain the jump due to using the furnace more with colder temperatures. You’ve been shutting off lights when you leave the room and unplugging appliances and chargers so they don’t pull electricity when they’re not in use. In fact, when you compare your bill at this same time last year, it was much smaller. What’s going on?

  • The meter wasn’t read correctly by the power company.
  • The electric meter is malfunctioning.
  • A particular device is faulty and pulling a lot of electrical juice.

You can troubleshoot a meter issue by switching off the power. After 30 minutes, is your electric meter still ticking away? The meter is the culprit. If not, plug in appliances throughout the property one-by-one and check the meter. There may be a faulty appliance that makes the meter go haywire.

Microwave Trips a Circuit Breaker When Used

  • Your microwave may be faulty.
  • It may be plugged into an overloaded circuit (sharing the same circuit as other appliances).

To ensure the microwave is functioning properly, plug it in elsewhere. Does it keep tripping circuits? If so, the appliance is probably malfunctioning and needs repair/ replacement. If that’s not the case, the microwave is likely overloading the circuit. Using one dedicated circuit for the microwave should solve the problem.

When you’re in need of electrical services in Calgary, give us a call. If you’re tired of flickering lights, insanely high electric bills, and a microwave that’s constantly tripping a circuit breaker, let’s do some troubleshooting and fix these problems for good. Call Crowfoot Home Services today!

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